David A. Estes


David Estes is an accomplished author with five books to his credit.  He draws on his wide experience, from the  cotton fields of Oklahoma and Texas where he grew up; to the islands of the South Pacific where he served as a United States Marine; to the marketplace in America where he pursued a career in radio and television advertising. Now retired, David writes westerns and mystery novels from his family farm in West Central Missouri.

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Wet Dogs Don't Ride - print & e-book

    Dubbed a hero by some and a coward by others, Dan Redford, a scout for Custer’s Seventh Cavalry, is the only survivor of the battle of Little Big Horn. When he hears his daughter Ashley is in the clutches of evil Uncle Sid, he sets out for Texas to save her.
​    On his way he’s sidetracked when he meets Thomas Belt, a former slave. Belt wants to avenge his father’s lynching and Redford steps in to help the man fight Jonas Covington, the biggest rancher in Kansas. Jonas is a despicable man and cares about nothing or no one.
    ​Will the two men be able to give Jonas what he deserves? Moreover, will Redford get to Texas in time to rescue Ashley?
Angel On My Back - print & e-book

   ​ When Jake Hannity loses his wife to leukemia he realizes he’s not as tough as he thought. Now it’s too late to apologize for treating her badly and to tell her she’s the only woman he could ever love. He feels guilty and no longer cares about life. Even when he wins the lottery he can’t bear the shame and loneliness so he turns to the whisky bottle. He thinks he’s lost foreve
     However, the Commander of the Universe believes Jake is worth saving. He sends Angel Gabriel to find Jake Hannity and set him straight. Gabriel protests because he feels Hannity is a no good scoundrel, and not worth the effort. However, the Commander insists the angel take the challenge.
    ​Hannity agrees to do a ‘few errands’ only to get the Gabriel off his back. Jake feels no emotion, but wants to be left alone to drown his sorrows. Gabriel is unrelenting and Jake reluctantly follows through.
    ​The question is, will Gabriel help Jake become the town hero, or will Jake fall flat on his face because of his attitude?

     ​Shira bas Haran is the Judean mother of an infant named Jabal. Jabal is one of the innocents King Herod marks for slaughter in his insane attempt to destroy all male babies under the age of two. Herod's purpose is the destruction of the baby Jesus, born in Bethlehem, fearing that Jesus will rise up, be crowned king, and rob Herod of his power.
     Blood on the Wall depicts Shira's efforts to avenge the murder of her son, dethrone Herod, and drive the hated Romans from Judea.
     The leader of the Judean revolutionaries is a deserter from the Roman legion, Captain Romulo de Vincius. He and Shira become lovers. Shira is at his side when Romulo dies of battle wounds. She then becomes the leader of the rebel resisters, is captured, and serves thirty years in prison. Escaping prison, she encounters Jesus, who is now thirty-three years old. He heals her of an old disease, and she suffers with him when he is crucified. 

Blood on the Wall - print & e-book
A Bag of Gold

     Will Savage hits the trail to smoke out Aubrey Roan--to reward him for his cold-blooded killing of Marshal Joe Freeman. Savage runs into trouble with the town marshal of Buffalo Flats, John Castledine, Roan's brother. Savage wins a running battle with the Barefoot clan, then he and Castledine, clash in a surprise ending. Two strong men, each hellbent to...

Bye Bye Sweet Susie

     Jeff Timberlake never heard of Susie McCord. He didn't know she was dead, and couldn't have cared less how she died. Until he sees a roadside sign: SUSIE McCORD DIED HERE. The mystery surrounding her death stems from Amos Marlow's fear that his grandson Randy killed her. Timberlake wonders why people clam up when he asks about Susie. That's when he cares--when nobody else does.